Interview mit Tristan Boyd, Markegy

How would you describe your work in a few sentences?

I work with SME Businesses and Start-Ups, and I work on their marketing systems as a whole. So, what I try to do is organize the infrastructure that runs their marketing program, so that it works together and delivers the sets of results that they‘re after. Usually the results revolve around a website. Most companies use their website as their hub, and then there are other programs that run around that e.g. Google Adverts, SEO, or perhaps some content marketing that feed into that website. And on the other side you have got your sales team which is receiving the leads that come through. And that is how that whole system works together.

And I am really hands-on, not just a consultant. I would position myself as a full-stack marketer, so I am working hands-on in every aspect of the process. Sometimes, there is the need to bring someone else in, for a particular area where we might need a higher skill set, so I am a generalist so across the whole border.

What are the challenges in your work- life, work environment, profession?

That is a tough question. I guess every project is challenging on its own. However, getting really good results out of a marketing program can take some time. I think getting an understanding with the customer that you do need to invest time to get a good result, there are really no quick-wins anymore, since the competition across all channels is so strong now. There are so many people competing for customers attention in every area, so it takes some time and planning.

Basically what I am saying is that the biggest challenge is to make sure that you do that time and planning, but also convincing the customer that they need to reinvest some time in getting things done.

Since when are you in the BCE? Why the BCE?

I have been working in the BCE for almost a year now. My wife moved here first, and since we work together, I came here for a few meetings. However, I was then still working in my home office and soon realized that the BCE is better.

How do you see the BCE?

From a Business point of view, the BCE is really powerful, because of the relaxed atmosphere and it’s a place where it’s easy to communicate with people. It is easy to have conversations, there is no stress and a lot of positive energy. Also, there are some good networking events. Every week or two there is someone giving a Seminar or workshop that you can join in. This is all good for networking and expanding your knowledge. So I think this is another beneficial aspect of the BCE.

Additionally, Georg is very proactive in new initiatives: he is developing new things all the time. Even when people have new ideas, they usually get implemented. Being here is a bit like being in an office with about 30 coworkers where everyone is helping each other just like in a big company, but you are still working on your own and are allowed to be selfish and do what you want with your time. So it is really the best of both worlds!

Is there something you are missing here in the BCE?

No, I can not really think of anything – I am quite content. Especially from a business point of view the BCE is great. The only thing that I would say that is missing here is maybe a Café – a place where to get lunch like sandwiches or something. Because I have to be really organized and have to have stuff in the fridge for lunch. But this is really the only thing, as I have my fitness gym downstairs, and it only takes me 7 minutes per bike to get here.

Would you recommend the BCE to others with the same profession?

Most of the work that I do is remote, meaning that I do not necessarily have to be face-to-face with my customers. We have some Small Businesses as customers, who will come and visit us here – and the meeting rooms are great. So I don‘t see any barriers that would hinder other people in a similar professions to come here.

And how would you (personally) describe the BCE in just a few words?

Relaxed, fun, professional, friendly and supportive!