Klagenfurt’s international business network growing thanks to travelling international professionals.

You might be surprised by how many international SME businesses and business professionals spend time working in Klagenfurt, and flexible co-working office environments are providing the perfect place for them to do it.

When I tell people that I moved from Sydney Australia to Klagenfurt, people are often curious about how I see the differences between the two cities. The most important part of the answer for me is about finding a happy balance between work, family and health. From this perspective Klagenfurt and Sydney are very similar. They both have their pros and cons, but overall they are both fantastic.

I am not the only one who has discovered what Klagenfurt can offer. As well as the constant background hum of the local business community with it’s SMEs, entrepreneurs, artists and growing start-up scene, Klagenfurt is becoming a part-time home for a growing number of international business professionals and small businesses. These professionals work in a range of industries and all have a different story to tell, but the one thing they have in common is that when it comes to a flexible and healthy work/life balance, Klagenfurt ticks all the boxes.

This year I made the move away from corporate life to launch my own business. One of my first moves was to find a good co-working space and I was lucky enough to find one with a surprisingly flexible system. Business Campus Ehrenhausen offers a range of options for temporary (or permanent) desks and offices. Although I am happy with a more permanent plan, the flexible options attract an interesting variety of professionals which adds enormously to the work environment creating a regular flow of fresh ideas, new perspectives, professional networks and new opportunities for everyone.

A perfect example of a business taking advantage of the flexibility of co-working is Surfin Birds. They are a creative photography and video business with a team in Arizona as well as a co-working office space to support a team here in Klagenfurt on a semi-permanent basis.

Jon Ward, CEO Braincat

Jon Ward, CEO & Founder of Braincat is another experienced business professional who has recently spent some time enjoying Klagenfurt and still taking advantage of a flexible, professional office environment to stay in touch with his USA based projects.

It’s no surprise that Klagenfurt is high on the list for international visitors. In summer it offers one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and is just an hour or two away from the Croatian and Italian coastlines, and in winter you can choose from more ski fields that you can comfortably list in a blog post. But Klagenfurt’s lesser known advantage is the vibrant SME and micro business scene bubbling away beneath the surface. For one of Europe’s smaller cities, when it comes to being a business hub, Klagenfurt is punching well above its weight.