from €480.- per month (plus tax)

The ideal solution for startups: Your own coworking office in the middle of the vibrant coworking community

With your own office you can enjoy all the advantages of the Business Campus twice. In your own four walls of your glass bunk, you can go about your business completely undisturbed, talk to customers and let your company grow. Since flexibility plays an important role for you as a startup, the Business Campus Ehrenhausen offers you enough space to scale your company when the time is right.

In addition, you benefit from our vibrant coworking community e.g., can easily exchange ideas with other companies from many other industries, make contacts, enter into business relationships or simply order lunch together.

Coworking office: all inclusive

Your coworking office is separated from the open area by glass walls and can of course be locked. You have 24/7 access to your office and can also use our seminar room and meeting room, for larger customer meetings or presentations. Your company logo at the entrance and a promotional page for your company on our website will give you a professional online and offline presence.

Enjoy the advantages of the lively community for exchange, cooperation and further growth. Relax with like-minded people over a cup of coffee.

An environment that helps you to keep  your business in focus at all times, so you  can concentrate 100%  on your entrepreneurial success.

  • Separate office (glass bunk), lockable

  • 24/7 access for fix desks and office owners

  • representative meeting rooms with exclusive use

    • Seminar room (2 days per month, value €500.-)
    • Meeting room (2 half days per week, value €480.-)
  • Company sign

  • Presentation on the website

  • weekly cleaning

  • the best office coffee in town

  • lively community


Coworking Klagenfurt Flexdesk mieten


from €265/month

Coworking Klagenfurt Flexdesk mieten


from €75/month

Coworking Klagenfurt Virtual Office mieten


from €65/month