Getting your Start-up funded

Dhara-Solutions: Experten für Businessaufbau, öffentliche Förderungen und Investorensuche Interview with Dr. Vijay K Verma, Executive Director How would you describe your work and how did you get started in this field? I worked in the renewable energy and environmental field for more than 15 years. Although I was ...weiterlesen

Von |20/02/2020|English Posts, Coworking News|

International Business in Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt’s international business network growing thanks to travelling international professionals. You might be surprised by how many international SME businesses and business professionals spend time working in Klagenfurt, and flexible co-working office environments are providing the perfect place for them to do it. When I tell people that I ...weiterlesen

Von |02/09/2019|English Posts, Coworking News|
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